Virtual Rome

by infraredbiped

Sometimes the internet takes you on the dumbest rides.

For example, a few nights ago I was messing around on the computer when my brain suddenly demanded that I google virtual 3D models of ancient Rome.

Why did this happen? Because I stumbled onto an article about Paul Bigot, a French architect who obsessively worked on a 1:400 plaster model of ancient Rome for thirty years.

Why was I doing that? Because I was looking up information about Leptis Magna, the ruined Roman city on the coast of Libya.

And I was doing that because I wanted to look up the word hippodrome. (Disappointingly, it’s just a horse track.)

And I was doing that because I looked up the word velodrome… which was in a slideshow about decrepit stadiums in old Olympic cities.

Have I learned anything from this crazy monkey-brained ping-ponging around wikipedia? Do I even need to answer that question? The VR Rome thing is cool, though, in a mid-1990s computer graphics kind of way.