Oh No! Oh no, no, no, no…

by infraredbiped

Today I came across a Guardian article (two months old) reporting that a group of freaked out children and parents got treated to an explicit preview of Lars von Trier’s Nymphomaniac while waiting for the start of the movie Frozen. I found this incredibly funny and utterly tragic at the same time.

I looked up the trailer and it made me, sitting alone in a room, pretty uncomfortable… though that might have been my fremdscham for the grannies, who had to explain to their grandkids why they were seeing a giant close-up of lady parts set to Rammstein.

Don’t know yet if I’m going to see this movie. I have found that von Trier’s films tend to stick to the inside of my skull for days (this is a good thing), but I’m not sure I want to be cinematically dick-slapped right now. We’ll have to come back to this some other time.