Racism is Dead

by infraredbiped

I am in Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport waiting to make a connection.  While walking the halls of Terminal B I saw the following sight: two cops pulling a man seated on a wheelchair.  They were pulling him backwards, tilting the chair so that his body was pushed back into the seat.  His arms were looped through the chair frame and his hands were in cuffs.  And he was yelling “Fuck them niggers!” at the top of his lungs, occasionally interspersing that with a Jim Morrison animal scream.  The cops, stonefaced, pulled him backwards through the security gate and then off to… jail, I presume.

I have seen people arrested before, and they do tend to go off screaming, but I’ve never seen this at the airport behind a security gate.  The only notable thing about the guy was that he was clean-shaven, white, definitely from the South, and definitely younger than 30.  Not very nice to see a young guy taking up that old-time religion with such eagerness. I hope he doesn’t have kids.